Taupō Primary - excited to be on the pilot schools for Kids Greening Taupō

Taupō Primary is one of the schools involved in the Kids Greening Taupō Project.

Their conservation journey started as many others do. With a school trip. This school trip entailed a walk along the lake front looking for 2 native trees. A Kowhai and a Harakeke. Upon seeing these trees, the beautiful nature and the enjoyment from everyone by going on this trip, Taupo Primary knew that they wanted to help the environment of Taupo.

Like any goal, they needed a plan. Not just a plan for the next couple of months, but for the years ahead. They decided on the year 3 and 4's to be the main helpers for this year, but to expand out to all age groups in the coming years. They decided the needed a leadership team, the ambassadors for the school and the controllers of the project. Finally, the decided that not only did they want to help the environment, they wanted to educate the kids and people around Taupō as well.

They then set there plan into action, raising awareness in classroom lessons, taking kids on greening Taupō tree planting days and using the seeds that they have found and grown in as many ways as they possibly can. This can range from using them in classroom lessons to making paper pots to grow them with.

They are all far more aware than ever before. Year 4 Samuel explained that he has done more environmental work than ever before. They all agree that they know why they plant trees and how they do it.

Taupō Primary have taken that knowledge and will be using it on the launch day. They are creating paper plant pots, in which they will place the seeds they have found and grown in. Every person gets there own flower pot and get the opportunity to plant a native tree.

Although Taupō Primary have only started there conservation journey, they are quickly doing more and more. Next year they will be in full speed and I can't wait to see what amazing work they have completed then. Congratulations Taupō Primary on helping to the goal of a beautiful, green, Taupō.

~ Matthew Farquhar

Posted: Thursday 24 September 2015


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Greening Taupō is an opportunity for Taupō residents and businesses to participate in a community conservation initiative.

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