Kerryn Penny

Kerryn Penny

Hi, I’m Kerryn Penny and I’m with the Department of Conservation. I was involved in the early evaluation of programs around the country which were working well in this education space. I helped organise the trip down to Te Anau to look the Kids Restore the Kepler project. From there we put together a working group and came back able to transplant that into Taupō.

The Department of Conservation has different people in different roles which look at things in different ways. I see things from a national perspective, whereas Tania has a partnership perspective, and Millie and Dave have more of an operations perspective. Although we’re all from the same organisation, we’re coming at it from different angles.

My interest in this project is what can we learn from it, and what do we need to get it up and running really strongly, so that we can take that learning and use it around the country.

What excites me the most about Kids Greening is that it’s real life; it’s now. It’s about students having an active, hands on approach with real-life community projects and opportunities. It’s about young people working alongside us.


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Greening Taupo

Greening Taupō is an opportunity for Taupō residents and businesses to participate in a community conservation initiative.

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Kids Greening Taupō has partnered with Tauhara College, Taupo Primary, Waipahihi School, Four Seasons Kindergarten & Central Kids Kindergarten.

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Kids Greening Taupo would like to thanks Department of Conservation and Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board and for their contribution to the project.

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