Kids Greening Taupo Launch Day

The biggest day in Kids Greening Taupo history took place on the September 24 2015.

It was the start of an amazing project, which has begun to change the Taupo environment for the better in a very short space of time.

It all started with a powhiri, welcoming our important guests, including, Ruud Kleinpaste AKA The Bug Man and Nicola Toki. They were extremely excited to be present at such an important event for the environment of Taupo. They both gave interesting speeches which set up the mood of the day.

The day was almost all run by the kids for the adults. Each school had their own part to play. Tauhara College started by running the powhiri and Maori greetings.

It was then up to the primary schools and kindergartens to show off what they had been doing. Each of them ran a small presentation, highlighting a small part of what they had been doing. Waipahihi ran a pest animal prints and poos station while Taupo Primary showed off their eco-sourced seeds and planting them in the paper pots they had learnt how to make in the previous months.

At the same time, bush kindy were showing off their skills, running up a big dirt hill with just their hands and feet and exploring dead logs to find all sorts of bugs. All of the stations were a huge success and loved by all the people who got to watch them.

The KGT blog team made up of three Tauhara students were interviewing guests and kids, but most importantly the VIP guests Ruud and Nicola.

The presentations and interviews finished up followed by the DOC pest dog team who demonstrated with Conservation Dogs Pai and Piri dog pest tracking catching a dead mouse. This wrapped up the presentations quite nicely, with everyone who got to watch looking extremely satisfied.

To finish up the day three important trees were planted one by the KGT leadership team one by Nicola on behalf of the Minister of Conservation and the final tree planted by Rudd and two Fiordland representatives was to honour DOC ranger Carolyn Carter whose Kids Restore the Kepler project had inspired the KGT programme.

This was followed by the first ever public KGT meeting. Leadership students from all the schools got to say speeches and discuss the environment in front of a delighted audience. The meeting was a huge success and a great way to finish an extremely enjoyable day.

The launch day raised the profile of KGT.

—Matthew Farquhar

Ash Stephens