TV3 News Visit

Kids Greening Taupo was treated to a visit from Lachlan Forsyth, a TV3 presenter, on November 12, 2015.

I was quite nervous, because I knew him as John Campbell’s fill in, so it was quite scary, but also exciting to see someone we recognised from TV in real life. Lachlan and his cameraman had come down to Taupo to record a piece for TV3’s Story.

Lachlan visited Taupo Primary School to interview the Student Leadership Team members, film them making plant pots, and talk with both teachers and students about their conservation journey. At least two classes of children sat and watched the filming. The student leaders and film crew then headed down to the lakefront to see and film students eco sourcing seeds for their trees. Lachlan appeared to be quite genuinely interested in Kids Greening Taupo, asking kids what they thought of the project.

We then all drove up to Spa Park, where the other schools showed off their skills. Waipahihi demonstrated their tracking tunnels and Tauhara College planted trees. Meanwhile, Hinemoa and Four Seasons Kindergartens showed off Bush Kindergarten playing among nature, climbing the hills, tumbling down the grassy mounds, and looking for bugs. Lachlan and the cameraman were both quite impressed to see all the kids getting involved.

I was then honoured to have a chat to him about his journey in becoming a reporter for TV3.

“Originally I worked in a different job that I didn’t enjoy, but I had picked to safely make money. However one day I decided to be brave and go back to university to study journalism, which had always been my dream. Now I’m following my heart and in a job that I love, where I get to meet people all around the country and see what wonderful things they get up to,” Lachlan shared.

“I’m really impressed with Kids Greening Taupo. It’s great to see a bunch of kids get together and change the town for the better. I’d love to come visit in ten, fifteen years and see a different Taupo, a greener, more beautiful one.”

It was an honour and a privilege to meet Lachlan.

After three hours of filming it was exciting to see how the story came together to about three minutes on TV3 Story.

You can see our Story online here…

—Jack McNeill

Ash Stephens